Children's books with westies

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MacDuff's adventures - (ages 3-5)

McDuff Moves in
by Rosemary Wells, Susan Jeffers

A little dog jumps out of the dogcatcher's truck one night and goes looking for a home. At the first house, another dog barks at him. At the second, a cat hisses. But at the third house, a young couple invite him in to share their sausages and rice pudding and to have a bath. Though they start to drive him to the pound, they change their minds and take him back home to stay.

McDuff Comes Home
by Rosemary Wells, Susan Jeffers

The white terrier who found a home with Fred and Lucy in McDuff Moves In gets lost again when he sees a rabbit in the neighbor's yard and chases him into Mrs. Higgins' garden. The matronly Mrs. Higgins puts him in the sidecar of her red motorcycle and is driving him into town, when McDuff recognizes the smells, the sounds, and the sight of home. All four characters enjoy a splendid picnic together. Like the first book, this one features a believable portrayal of the canine point of view. A quirky picture book, just right for little dog lovers.

McDuff and the baby
by Rosemary Wells, Susan Jeffers


The third book in the series featuring that irresistible Westie, McDuff. Ever since McDuff moved into Fred and Lucy's house, he has been happy every day in every way. But after the baby arrives, Fred and Lucy are too busy to pay attention to McDuff. The baby even wakes them up in the middle of the night! Can McDuff ever come to terms with this intrusion?

McDuff's New Friend
by Rosemary Wells, Susan Jeffers


During a Christmas Eve blizzard, McDuff the terrier hears night noises and repeatedly wakes his family to go out. Finally, they discover Santa, stuck in the garage, looking for a shovel so he can dig his sleigh out of a snowdrift. . The book, appealing to both young children and adults, has cozy paintings that have an underlying humor and are as spunky as dear McDuff.

McDuff Goes to School
by Rosemary Wells, Susan Jeffers

It's off to dog-training class for everyone's favorite Westie. McDuff hits it off with the new neighbors' dog, Marie, but makes no points with Marie's French-speaking owners when he won't get off of their sofa; he is enrolled in school to learn basic commands. Readers get a few lessons, too, in the French words for sit, stay, come and heel along with a fun twist at the end.

by Rosemary Wells,
Susan Jeffers

A colection of the first 4 books, many of them now out of print, in one nice pack. A perfect gift.



Tucker's adventures - (ages 4-8)

Tucker Flips
by Leslie McGuirk

One night..." this small story begins, soft snowflakes fell and Tucker the adventurous westie was born. Sometimes he dives off the couch and lands on a pillow; sometimes he hops on a skateboard all by himself. One winter day he meets some children and hops on their sled. The sled takes off, hits a bump, and Tucker does a flip. Was he scared? Not Tucker; he's the adventurous one. A small, artless introduction to a terrier with an independent spirit.

Tucker Off His Rocker
by Leslie McGuirk, Stephanie Owens Lurie

It's a hot day, and Tucker needs to cool off. So he hops off his rocker landing on his trusty skateboard and zooms off on a wild ride that will captivate children's imaginations as it effortlessly teaches them prepositions.

Tucker over the Top
by Leslie McGuirk, Leslie McGuire, Stephanie Owens Lurie

Tucker the terrier craves excitement. One day his nose for adventure leads him to the circus, where he's recruited to use his skateboarding skills in a daredevil act. Will Tucker take to the roar of the crowd, or will the costume just not fit?


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