August 17, 2010

Two years without MacGregor


Another year has passed without our little MacGregor.  We still think of him and his antics daily but slowly he's becoming a wonderful memory that none of us will ever forget.   We were very privileged to have him in our family for almost 14 years.  He provided us with love, laughs and joy in what can only be described as an over-protective dog.  We still miss dearly our little customs agent that had to sniff everything that came through the front door. Drugs? No. Doggie treats? Yes. 

Sometimes, just out of the blue, MacGregor comes to mind and we spend an hour laughing and giggling about the things he did and although he still brings tears to our eyes, these days they are mostly tears of joy rather than sorrow.  He left us with many wonderful memories and we no longer cry every time we think of him.  Knowing MacGregor, I think he would want us to laugh rather than cry for him.  As MacGregor's memories pass from tearful to joyous, we see less and less of his little ghost running around the house.  It's almost as if he realizes that his family is getting on better and he can stop watching over us and finally, slowly, very slowly head off to the rainbow.  To be honest, I worry that someday we won't see him anymore, but then I realize that we'll never fully get rid of the little white ghost that runs around our house.  MacGregor is forever alive and well in our memories and so I'm sure we'll continue to see him standing over the open dishwasher door in a vain attempt to lick one of the dirty dinner plates.  What's missing, of course, is the "MACGREGORRRRRR!! Get away from there!" that usually followed one of his antics. 

It's taken two years but we're slowly coming to terms with his parting.  We've even begun to discuss getting a baby Westie someday, however, that day is probably still a few years away. We've heard that once you become a Westie family, you're always a Westie family.  We can only hope that someday we'll once again become a Westie family.




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