Woof! Woof! Welcome, I'm MacGregor.
I felt compelled to build this page so people can bask in my beauty and acknowledge my great Westie prowess.

I'm a male West Highland White Terrier. I was born in Canada, but I live in Lisbon, Portugal, in a nice house with garden to run around and hunt when I'm not busy doing other more important activities.
My main interests are keeping watch over my home, my humans, and of course, authoring great web pages. Really! Don't let that human fool you. I happen to be the one that did all the work!

I know you'll be back soon,


MacGregor Joe of Moka
29 Mar 1995 - 17 Aug 2008

This webpage is a homage to the life of MacGregor, the best dog in the world.
Rest in peace sweet puppy. Your friendship, indomitable spirit and humour will forever be remembered.

Aug 17, 2009 "One year without MacGregor"
Aug 17, 2010 "Two years without MacGregor"
Aug 17, 2011 Three years without MacGregor...

The 12 days of WestieChristmas

Christmas etiquette for Westies
Westie top 10
The top 10 reasons why you should get a Westie into your life.

MacGregor's day
A detailed description of my day, minute by minute by laugh.

Owning a Westie
Joe talks about the experience of living the last decade with devilish MacGregor.

How could you?

Culture: Read now this seminal literary works by
Ph. Dr. MacGregor Joe of Moka.
Toy Encyclopedia

Westie Dictionary
Personal thoughts
Jewels of wisdom from a dog's mind.

The fight for the couch
Learn how to and then give up.

Westie Bill of Wrights
Author Unknown.

Dog age vs. Human age
A mathematical dilemma exposed by our, always savvy, four legged guru.

Friends: Me and my friend Maya

Travel: A canine view on travelling, seaside activities and airports.
A day at the beach with dad
Visiting Roca Cape
Flying to Amsterdam
The Dutch tulip fields
The trip to Sesimbra
The rock and cactus garden
A day at the beach with mom


The outrageous personal photo files. MacGregor shows it all for the photographer in a nude photo session, exclusive in this site! Warning: For mature female dog audiences only.
Graduate Pet
The Graduate Pet Award

NO PUPPY MILLS! Support puppy mill rescue.
My mom volunteers.

How about yours?

Westie Walk of Toronto

The Terrier Club

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