12 reasons why your Westie should get that place on the couch instead of you:


1. Because he is cute.

2. Because Westies must be comfortable enough, so that they can concentrate on their own personal activities like sleeping and… sleeping.

3. Because you must accept by now that your purpose in life should be to serve and please your Westie.

4. Because if you don't give it away you'll be kicked out by means of paw pushing and shoveling.

5. Because couches need their regular amount of fur to stay homey.

6. Because Westies look better on the furniture then you (check any decoration magazine).

7. Because his teeth are bigger than yours.

8. Because you love him too much to see him sleeping on the floor.

9. Because it's the only way he'll let you read the paper and not demand toy playing during the entire evening.

10. Because it's a cheap source of seat heating.

11. Because fighting for the couch is not as bad as having to fight for your bed.

12. Because I growled so!



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