Top ten reasons to get a Westie.


10. You wish to give all your constant attention to something else other than your life partner and kids.

9. The latest "in" thing from Paris are scabs and bruises on your hands from dog warning bites.

8. You enjoy bringing home new toys so that your dog has a reason to go through your suitcase the instant you open it.

7. You like having all four wheels of your car "marked" instantly after having scrubbed them clean.

6. You think having all your choice possessions stolen and hidden outside in the garden is fabulous.

5. You enjoy the feeling of something many times smaller than you attempting to boss you around.

4. The feeling of visitors greeting the dog before greeting you is appealing.

3. It's nice that 70% of the toys you are picking up off of the floor are not your kids'.

2. It's great to have a little walking flower watering machine in the garden.

1. You want to add happiness, laughter, surprise and fifteen years to your life.



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