My adventures: the day at the beach with mom.


Wednesday, the 20th of March 2002.
A cold and rainy day. Out to the beach we go, me and mom. While the rain stopped we had lots of fun fighting the waves and I even got soaked by a bad tricky wave that caught me of guard and then rolled on the sand to become really dirty and drive mom nuts!



Looking good! The sea was really rough that day...


Yes mom, I'll stick near you and promise to behave. Not!


Hey, don't pull me away! Let me get it, let me get it! No wave is going to fight back at me.


Humm... the wave got me... what now? She is going to get really upset with me. Should I just stay here or get out?


OK, ok, I'm going. No need to pull me out of it. Sheesh...


What? I have to dry myself and this sand looks great. I don't care yesterday was the monthly bath day.


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