The Graduate Pets


List of the Graduate Pet Awards. Only for the best!

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Graduation words

35 Ashley the Whippet
"Because I am simply the most adorable whippet in the world!"
34 Snoopy the budgie "The person I live with is under MY control. When she tries to leave in the morning I land on her shoulder so she can't leave. When she's on the computer and I feel like I'm being ignored, I land on her hand. If she still doesn't pay attention to me I walk all over the keyboard. When she tries to sleep I land on her as well. I NEED ATTENTION."
33 Parsley the green budgie "Because I'm as smart as I'm green! I rule the household and poop where I want!"
32 Purrsachipersians "Because Vickie jumps when we ask her to, she sits and holds us when we want, and takes naps when we want her too."
31 Shelties of Silverthaw "My site and our dogs speak for themselves actually they say it in song."
30 Anakarlem "An humanitarian and educative Bolivian site for animals rigths."
29 Mason "I need something for trying to do Ma's silly tricks that she say will get me a brother! PLEASE!"
28 Petey and the Peteyettes "We are the best singing and performing group on the terrier club(and the only one). Mom helps us send our love cards to our beaus and wife. She sits in the recliner and makes sure there is lots of room for us to sit by her. Most of the time we come before the kids."
27 Emma "I am a sweet and beautiful westie. Everyone who sees me smiles because I bring joy wherever I go."
26 Chewy, Gracie, Riley & Chance "My brothers and I have fostered skills that would make even MacGregor weep. I find that I am a Graduate of MacGregor, a star pupil and one that must be awarded... or we'll have to visit MacGregor's household one day and stay for an indefinite period of time... preferably during the rainy season..."
25 Dixie, Daisy, Lacey & Marti "We are the epitome of westiedom! (We should be awarded our diploma for just using the word "epitome"). Any questions? We didn't think so."
24 Bobby from Holland "I have a certificate for not listening (specially to my dad)."
23 Kelsey "I am cute, adorable and I get most of mom's bed..."
22 Reggie "I've come a long way-from being a meek little rescue pup to a proud and happy guy who is really "full of myself". I love my family and I love life!"
21 The Minkies "Cos' we're the Minkies and our mum loves us SO much and is so proud of us that she wants the world to see our pictures!"
20 Molly MacGregor & Maggy Mae "We are in charge of this house. We go on any furniture we like; they even build us ramps if some of the furniture is a little too high. They buy us new toys all the time and they take us places in the van because we like it better than the car (we each have our own screened window we can look out)."
19 Sexy Lexy "I am a WESTIE...the best in my parents heart."
18 Cubby I am the best!
17 Rainbow My mom thinks I'm the sweetest and in her heart I always will be.
16 Westie Wishes Not a smart pet, but a smart site about Westies.
15 Minja "I'm an English Bulldog!"
14 Napoleon "I am THE BOMB!"
13 Buddy and Hailey "We are the BOSSES! We have our humans wrapped around our little fingers-oops, paws, that is"
12 Speedy "Speedy is a german westie."
11 Lynandra Tibetan Spaniels "We Tibetan Spaniels win the hearts of all that meet us."
10 Fern Covell "I have my own Homepage, or Bonepage as we call it. Oh yes, we are also quite mad, that's why our site is called MadasaSpaniel."
9 Gretchen's Homepage "When you see how truly beautiful I am you will really like my site."
8 Geoffrey's Homepage "I worked very hard learning html and designed my pages while mom and dad were at work."
7 Tails a waggin' "Our human has spent many hours on training us and making us very talented dogs... between the four of us we know about 30 tricks."
6 Black Russian Terrier's homepage "We are a very rare breed of terriers from Russia."
5 Feuerwald Rotts "Your award is soooo magnificent!"
4 Easter Goldfields Kennel Club "Thank you for your award. It has been posted with pride."
3 Emerson "Thanks buddy for the gift. Woofs to you!"
2 Kelcliffe Kennels "Thanks very much for your award.  All our Cairns and Westies are over the moon and very proud."
1 Booker C. McDuff "I am a Westie that knows how to run the household! Our new kitty, Hobart, is almost as big as me now, but even if he gets bigger than me, which is possile, I will still rule the house. Mom calls me Officer McDuff because I'm in charge of Hobie and everytime he gets in trouble, I let mom know!"

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